Alex Borsody

Web and Mobile Developer

I am a developer based out of NYC, I have run my own agency, built enterprise solutions and founded/sold profitable startups. I now work as a contract web developer helping to build other people's ideas. I enjoy making things work where others fail while providing high quality development, long term engagements and relationships. At this point in my career I find it critical to consistently over deliver. I have a project management skill set as well as design ability that allows for versatility in handling many aspect of a project's deliverables.

I began programming in high school writing javascript in the early days of the internet, I also became interested in user experience and design around this time. Currently I work with and can do almost anything using I focus on Android/iOS, Javascript and CSS preprocessors, but also work with PHP, Wordpress, Drupal and AWS. There are too many projects for me to list. I have experience working at an agency, subcontractor, freelance and as an in-house developer. I love building projects for new and interesting clients, and quite often save projects when they have gone south from a previous engagement. I prefer to take on projects from scratch so this never happens to begin with. If a project is built and no longer requires extensive development I try to stay available long term in case support is needed.

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